Tax credit for school tutoring –

Tax credit for school tutoring

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Tax credit for school tutoring

Financial assistance for school tutoring is always welcome and seeking a tax credit could be part of this government assistance.

Services offered at My Tutor may be eligible for tax credits.

Provincial tax credits for school tutoring

There are 3 conditions to qualify:

  1. As of December 31, 2023, you reside in Quebec;
  2. Your child has been enrolled in our tutoring services continuously for a minimum of eight weeks ;
  3. Your family income does not exceed the amount established for the current year. It is necessary to check line 275 of the parents or adults who contribute to the income of the family of the child (or children) who have access to the school tutoring service).

If you are eligible by meeting these 3 criteria, you could obtain a tax credit equivalent to 20% of the amount of tutoring fees you paid for a maximum of $500 , which amounts to a credit of maximum tax of $100 per child.

The medical expense tax credit

Is your child with a learning disability eligible for the Disability Tax Credit? The answer varies but it would be wise to check. Several children with learning disabilities meet the criteria for your family to be entitled to this tax credit.

An important point to mention regarding this type of tax credit is that a doctor or health care professional authorized to do so must write a note that this service is essential for your child.

More information on the tax credit for medical expenses at the provincial and federal level

Here is the link for more details on this medical tax credit at the provincial level .

Here is the link for more details on this medical tax credit at the federal level .

In addition to provincial and federal tax credits, it should be remembered that our tutoring services are exempt from GST and QST , and some group insurance plans partially cover the costs associated with our services.

School Tutoring Tax Credits Give Financial Relief to Parents Whose Children Need a School Tutor

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