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Tutoring services offer several complementary advantages to traditional education. As stated in the literature, the one-on-one relationship that is created between the tutor and tutored in beneficial not only academically but socially and emotionally. The tutor is close to the student because he is but a few levels above the tutored student. They are not teachers but tutoring specialists and that is simply great as is. The tutor’s role is more to guide the student, offer solutions without necessarily providing the answers to the problems at hand.

Specialized education technicians, University and Cegep students.

· Rigorously selected

· Highly qualified

· Background checked

· Experience with young people

· Training to provide service excellence

Services for elementary and secondary students:


Homework help:

Provide support and help to enable students to persevere and succeed academically. The support offered helps students that may or may not have difficulties with their homework. Homework help is offered for all subjects (French, English, mathematic, physics, chemistry, history, etc.). The service can be offered on a regular basis or on demand. Our educational advisor will take the time with you to access the student’s needs and make the best academic match also taking into account his personality and professional aspirations.




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Tutoring/remedial schooling:

Provide personalized and flexible content-based support. Tutoring is offered to students that have learning difficulties that linger over time. Recurring sessions offer help and support to complete schoolwork and review concepts that have not been well understood. At first, we recommend a greater frequency of weekly sessions during the catch-up process, then move towards a knowledge acquisition reinforcement plan. Our educational advisor will take the time with you to access the student’s needs, make the best academic match and suggest recommended frequency.

Building depth: Enables one to broaden the subject matter, improve academic results and increase the body of work relating to the subject study material. This is a very interesting service for students wishing entry into limited admission programs in secondary and Cegep levels.

Exam preparation: Helps students to better prepare for an exam. A review plan is developed based on the student’s specific needs and the more complex matters are reviewed with the tutor.

Time management: Custom Tutor time management and work organization services for students. This service is offered by one of our specialized educators. Based on needs, the student is better equipped to get organized within 2 or 3 sessions. The service is offered to both younger students that need small strategies to do their homework and for high school students who frequently need to manage schoolwork, hobbies, social life, family life and work life. We have a concrete plan to propose and easy to integrate tools into your everyday life.


High school admissions exam preparation:

Service offered between July and September. We offer the possibility to maximise your chances of passing your entrance exam in the school of their choice. We prepare according to the subject matters.

Dispensing services:

Our services are offered on-line, virtually: this technology offers optimal results just as if it was in person. It also helps to be more effective since students are often more motivated to accomplish a task on their device rather than with a more traditional support. It is a cutting-edge tool that is flexible and environmentally friendly.

Interactive platforms are used to allow tutors and students alike to have live interactions and to work on the subjects. It is therefor very easy for the tutor to illustrate concepts or to demonstrate various equations.

· A computer or tablet with headphones and microphone are essential for the sessions.

· A high-speed connexion is required.

· The advantage of this service is that it is available wherever you may be.




The tutor leaves notes at the end of the meeting regarding the flow of the session and the important points to remember.

The student evaluates the tutor at the end of each session!

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