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What are the costs of online tutoring?

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What are the costs of online tutoring?

Education is a fundamental value in our society. That's why tutoring is a valuable investment in your child's education and future. When you choose online tutoring, there are many advantages, including a more affordable cost. At Mon Tuteur we value transparency. This article therefore aims to present the advantages of online tutoring as well as to offer an overview of the prices associated with our online tutoring services.

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The benefits of online tutoring

In addition to having the same advantages as face-to-face tutoring: creating motivation, increasing self-confidence and self-esteem as well as academic success, there are at least 5 additional advantages when tutoring is done online

  • Economic
  • The cost is more affordable because you avoid paying for the tutor to travel to your home or to a public place such as a library.

  • Flexible hours
  • Since the sessions are offered online, there is greater flexibility in the choice of schedules for both the student and the tutor. It is therefore very advantageous when you already have busy schedules.

  • Geographic flexibility
  • The flexibility offered in connection with the different places where your child can be helped is very interesting. Whether you are at home, at the cottage or on a trip, sessions can continue according to the scheduled schedule. It also reduces the stress that can be associated with welcoming the tutor to your home.

  • Playful
  • Online tutoring allows the use of technology such as interactive games, short videos and chat, which makes certain complex notions simpler and fun.

  • Custom
  • Online tutoring allows for an even more personalized match. The student can be in Montreal and the tutor in Sherbrooke. It is therefore possible to target the best tutor for the student based on their interests, strengths and challenges.

    Costs for our online tutoring services

    Since we believe in transparency, you will find below an overview of the costs associated with our regular online tutoring services.

    What sets us apart from online tutoring!

    Above all, know that we stand out from different companies thanks to our rigorous recruitment process. Our tutors are carefully selected based on their specialized academic background and experience with young people. They are tutors who have great interpersonal skills and who take student success to heart.

    Our services are therefore offered by university students or technicians who have graduated from CEGEP with an excellent academic record. Moreover, ALL our tutors are TRAINED to offer the best possible service in addition to having the support offered by our coaching team.

    Our tutors also undertake to be available for the entire school year. Moreover, if you find that the pairing is not optimal, we undertake to replace your tutor free of charge.

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    Costs of our top three online mentoring packages

    At Mon Tuteur, we have 3 different mentoring packages to support your child according to their educational support needs.

    On-demand tutoring

    This one-time service is ideal for allowing a student to revise before an exam or to review a concept for which he needs more explanation. The price of this tutoring package is $42/1h .

    The Session Package

    This package represents 15 hours of tutoring for the price of 14 ! Ideal to have peace of mind for a few weeks. The Session provides continuous support while allowing the student to deepen certain more complex notions. In addition, the student has the opportunity to develop a bond of trust with his tutor and feel more at ease when the time comes to ask questions.

    The Total Package

    This package represents 30 hours of tutoring for the price of 28 ! In addition to offering the benefits of La Session, La Totale is ideal for long-term preparation for exams. This package is perfect for promoting continuous learning while allowing greater retention of information and a deeper understanding of it. This offer is also the most economical we have.

    It should be noted that our services are exempt from GST and QST.

    Save money with online tutoring hour bank packages for your child with mon-tuteur.ca

    Finally, online tutoring offers many advantages. In addition to offering the same benefits as face-to-face tutoring, online tutoring is offered at a more affordable cost. It allows greater flexibility in terms of schedules, the use of technology adds a more playful dimension to the sessions, it allows greater flexibility as to where your child can benefit from the sessions in addition to the pairings that are more personalized. Our three main packages allow you to choose the one that best meets your needs in terms of time but also financially. Do not hesitate to contact us so that we can discuss the most suitable formula for your child.

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