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Homework help is very interesting to give a positive momentum at the academic level. Mon-Tuteur.ca offers homework help virtually to make the service more accessible.

Helping the student with homework and lessons: a key to academic success

Provide support and assistance to enable students to persevere and succeed academically. The help offered makes it possible to support students who may or may not have difficulties with their homework and lessons. Homework help is offered in all subjects (French, English, mathematics, physics, chemistry, history, etc.). The service can be offered on a regular basis or on an ad hoc basis. Our pedagogical advisor will take the time to assess the student's needs with you and to make the best academic match as well as in terms of his personality and professional aspirations.

The Mon-Tuteur.ca pedagogical advisor will pair your child with a tutor who will have points in common with your child to facilitate the relationship and thus improve the homework assistance dynamic.


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