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Helps to improve school results and to broaden the subject taught and the number of subjects in the program related to the subject studied . This is a very interesting service for students who wish to be admitted to quota programs in high school or Cégep .

Enrichment by subject:

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As stipulated in the literature, the egalitarian relationship that created between the tutor and the tutee is beneficial not only on an academic level but also on a socio-emotional level. Being only a few levels  schoolchildren above them, the tutor is close to the pupils tutored. They are tutoring specialists, trained in this sense and whose role is not to give the answers to the problems posed but rather to guide the student and offer them possible solutions.

Services :

Our services are offered online, virtually . Interactive platforms are used to allow the tutor and to the student of _ ' interact live and work together the different materials . _ Our platforms allow the tutor to ' illustrate easily concepts and to demonstrate various notions and equations (interactive whiteboard).

These technological means offers equally optimal results than in-person tutoring. Our online tutoring also allows to be effective, students often being more motivated to accomplish a task on their electronic device than on a more traditional medium . VS ' is a way state -of- the-art that is flexible and environmentally friendly.

Image search results for "icheck" A computer or tablet with headphones and microphone are essential for the progress of the sessions.

Image search results for "icheck"  A high-speed connection is required.

Image search results for "icheck" The advantage of this service is that it is accessible wherever you are.