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Tutoring; why the summer sessions?

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Tutoring; why the summer sessions?

Students who benefit from tutoring sessions often require this service in order to receive homework help or remedial help during the school year. But what about when the school year ends? Do these students still need tutoring sessions? The following question is therefore often raised: stop the sessions or continue them during the summer season? What are the benefits?

Takes into account the specific needs of the student

The summer sessions make it possible to review the concepts covered during the school year and thereby target those which have been less well assimilated by the student, in the event that certain misunderstandings have escaped parents or teachers. The school year is progressing at breakneck speed, so it is sometimes more difficult to target the specific needs of each student.

Remedial education

Speaking of notions less well mastered by the student, the summer sessions allow the child to review them in a personalized way and this, while respecting his learning pace. Moreover, respecting the student's pace of learning is a point not to be overlooked since this learning is much more effective in a setting where the student does not feel the pressure. In addition, this allows the tutor to present the notions to be reviewed in a more playful way and therefore to make the sessions more pleasant for the student. Learning that doesn't seem like it is more fun for children, who will appreciate the tutoring sessions all the more! Most of the time, we are obsessed with what we know less about; a better understanding of the subject will thus increase the student's self-esteem and consequently reduce his lack of interest in the subject matter.

Consolidation of achievements

Consolidating achievements is a benefit that should not be overlooked; the summer sessions not only make it possible to ensure that the student understands the concepts learned, but also to master them well. There are so many school subjects covered during the school year that teachers often lack the time to review this subject frequently and therefore assimilating it can be more difficult for some students. Even if the student seems to understand the concepts covered over the months, mastering them is not automatic.

Retaking exams

Some students will unfortunately have to take exams again during the summer. Tutoring sessions will certainly help them to be ready for these by solidifying the material that will be covered while reducing the anxiety generated by them.

Prepare well for the coming year

Targeting misunderstood notions, reviewing them, mastering them and consolidating what has been learned makes it possible to ensure the student's leveling up for the coming year since new learning will be done on the basis of those learned during from previous years. This also avoids forgetting the concepts seen during the previous year in order to be ready to assimilate new concepts. Summer tutoring therefore contributes to a more harmonious transition and return to school.

maintain the link

Continuing the sessions already started during the year with the child's tutor helps to maintain the link between the tutor and the student, an aspect that should not be neglected. Indeed, the bond developed during the school year is important in order to maintain the child's trust in his guardian so that the latter feels comfortable confiding his misunderstandings, doubts and fears. Stopping sessions during the summer may mean having to recreate this link during the new school year.

Make the child independent

Since performance and time are less important issues during the summer, it may be interesting to take advantage of this time to work on the child's autonomy so that he can, during the school year, become more independent. with his homework and lessons as well as his own learning. Indeed, a child who learns to recognize his difficulties will be able to develop his own strategies and thus more easily overcome them in the future.

Whatever the reason for which you think of enrolling your child in tutoring during the summer period, the benefits that he can derive from it are numerous. On the other hand, the sessions must be presented to the child in a constructive way, not as being an obligation but rather as a privilege.

Happy summer learning season!

Author: Laurence Hardy, bachelor in administration and tutor

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