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Top 10 Educational Apps

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Top 10 Educational Apps

The apps are easy to use on both tablets and smart phones. Although often associated with entertainment or play for the youngest, its wonderful tools can also be used for an educational purpose. Moreover, the school community quickly grasped the potential associated with them. Since the schools will be closed a little longer this winter, why not allow our children to consolidate their learning through educational applications? Although there are thousands of apps , My Tutor has decided to list its top 10 educational apps for you.

Of course, for the use of tablets/telephones to remain a source of pleasure and not of conflict, it is preferable to limit their use to a predetermined length of time. In addition, the intervention of a parent may sometimes be necessary to overcome certain challenges. The use of parental control can also be interesting to limit the consultation of certain sites as well as the use of certain applications.

Our suggestions are suitable for Android (Google) and Apple iOS platforms. If you have an Apple product, just go to the Apple Store to download. Some applications are free but there are some for all categories of wallets.

The Human Body-Tinybop (Elementary students)

An introduction to biology and the functioning of the human body. Short pictorial explanations of an avatar being touched are given to the child. It explains the functioning of all the senses according to what interests the child.

Fin Lapin 3 (Primary and secondary students)

A rabbit must complete certain tests in mental arithmetic. The goal is to respond as quickly as possible to the mental calculations so that his rabbit can win his races. There are different levels of difficulty and operations of subtraction, addition, division and multiplication.

Also available on the Alloprof website in a computer version.


Verbex ( 3rd year of primary and +)

Why not practice conjugation?

The application allows you to choose the verb, its tense and the number of questions to perform.

MathLand : (elementary and secondary students)

Several possibilities are offered with this application. The classification of numbers from smallest to largest, addition and subtraction, multiplication table, mental calculation etc...

Periodic Table: (high school students)

Mendeleev 's periodic table is updated regularly. All table elements contain additional information when clicked. For example, we can have information on valence, atomic weight, atomic number, etc.

I agree past participles: (high school students)

An interesting application to practice agreement of past participles. In addition, exercises to master homophones. Particularly interesting since we get a follow-up of our progress in addition to having the rules, examples and tips.

**Not available in Apple apps.

GeoGebra: (elementary and secondary school students)

This math app is dedicated to algebra, geometry, statistics, and calculus. This app has received several awards over the years. You can build dynamic geometric figures, create formulas and graphs, build and manipulate graph functions.

Improve your French: (high school students)

A practical application to revise and learn to master your grammar and spelling. There are theoretical lessons as well as quizzes. The application is taken from the book: 209 basic lessons for writing well by Jacques Beauchemin, 2006 .

Seven – 7 minutes of exercises: (high school students)

Why not offer our children to move? Physical activity not only helps prevent disease, maintains good mental health and improves attention and concentration. For those who say they don't have the time, even during a period of confinement, the workouts offered are designed to ensure maximum benefits as quickly as possible, according to your own objectives.

Babbel: (elementary and secondary school students)

Ranked as the best app for learning English, Babbel lets you learn at your own pace and its short lessons fit easily into anyone's schedule. There are two options for learning: tools or training. The app offers both pronunciation and writing exercises.


The human body Tinybop: Image: Copyright: Tinybop inc., 2021

Verbex: Copyright: Image: 2013-2019 EducApp

End rabbit 3: Copyright:Image: 2019 Allo prof

Mathland: Copyright: Image: Didactoons

Periodic Table:Image Copyright: NikitaChernykh

I grant past participles: Image: Copyright: Watermelon

Geo Gebra: Image: Copyright: International GeoGebra Institute

Improve your French: Image: Copyright: MarginWeb

Seven-7 minutes of exercises: Image: Copyright: 2020 Perigee AB

Babbel:Image:Copyright: Lesson Nine Gmbh

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