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What's the best way to help my child with their homework without doing the work for them?

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What's the best way to help my child with their homework without doing the work for them?

It's not always an easy time but it's often a must. The homework makes it possible to revise, to practice the learning but also to deepen the notions seen in class. Lessons, on the other hand, are used to integrate and memorize new learning. It seems that the level of success of students who have homework exceeds by 62% that of those who do not (Guilmois, 2019).

Thus, to promote the academic success of your child, it is important to offer him an environment and a context that will support him and help with homework is part of the support he needs.

Mother helping her child with homework like tutors do

How to create an environment conducive to homework and study at home?

As parents, you are essential contributors to making homework a success. Your involvement in supervising this period demonstrates to your child the importance you place on their education.

  • Avoid distractions such as: television, video games or smartphone which can really interfere with concentration during study periods.
  • Teresa Lesiuk, (2005), suggests that listening to music while working can reduce the feeling of fatigue by sending dopamine to the brain (a hormone involved in pleasure). Attention! Not just any music. Soft, instrumental music at a volume not too high.
  • Be flexible about how your child will have to do homework. It is not necessary that he be seated in front of a table. He can settle down on the ground in an ergonomic position (like a little man), he can stand up or why not walk while he studies.
  • Having good lighting is essential to avoid eye strain.

Listening to lofi or instrumental music with a low volume can help with studying or doing homework and this is a recommendation we give at

How do you motivate your child to do homework?

Use the false choice technique

It is a technique that allows the student to have control over decisions that concern him.

For exemple:

  1. Would you rather do your homework this morning or tonight?
  2. Would you like to start with your vocabulary words or additions first?

Let your child move during homework and lessons

Allowing your child to expend energy while doing homework. According to Josiane Caron Santha, occupational therapist, it is necessary to get out of the stereotypy associated with the sitting position.

Allowing him to stand, sit on a large exercise ball or spinning bench, or allowing him to do exercises like burpees or jumping jacks between exercises is a good way to allow an active child to stay focused. Why not revise while walking?

You can simply choose with your child the subject he wishes to revise. Bring the necessary equipment and proceed with the review by taking your health walk.

play to learn

Play and learning have always been closely linked. There is also a correlation between gambling and an increase in motivation and commitment.

Why not provide yourself with a small chart and allow your child to teach you what he has understood about the material?

Recognize your child's efforts

Emphasize progress and efforts by avoiding complimenting him and congratulating him for his good answers.

Highlighting progress in homework and lessons by focusing on the process rather than the correct answers is a good way to motivate the child to enjoy homework and lesson time. This is advice we give to parents at

How do I know if my child needs help or is trying to avoid work?

There is no answer that applies to all children, it depends on your child. As a parent, you are often the best person to assess the situation. Nevertheless, you should know that avoidance behavior is one to which we must linger. We must first try to understand the reasons for avoidance. Very often, these reasons will allow us to find solutions adapted to the situation. The main thing to avoid doing as a parent is to do the homework for your child.

Finding the source of intrinsic motivation or lack of motivation to do homework is a big step in helping your child improve their homework and lesson habits.

Should I consider hiring a tutor to help my child with homework?

Many parents indicate that they do not feel equipped to help their children with their homework and that their efforts to help them are often a source of stress. In addition, some parents do not have the necessary time to accompany their children or wish to preserve the relationship they have with them. You have to choose your battles as they say. It is in these moments that the homework assistance services offered by Mon Tuteur can make a difference.

Benefits of having a tutor for homework help

There are several benefits of having your child get help from a tutor with their homework. Here are a few:

Homework help that is individualized

The individual and personalized service offered by the tutor makes it easier for the student to feel confident and to be less shy than in class. It also allows you to have answers adapted to your learning style.

Preserve the parent-child relationship

Also allows you to preserve the relationship with your parent. If homework and lessons frequently end in arguments and crying and disrupt family life, hiring a tutor may be the solution to consider.

Academic and personal relationship and trust

The egalitarian relationship that develops between the tutor and the student avoids confrontation and brings advantages both academically and socio-affectively. Being only a few grade levels above them, the tutor is close to his students. Thus, the tutee develops a bond of trust over the sessions with his tutor.

Development of autonomy and a working method

The tutor works with your child's schedule and promotes his autonomy by supporting him and allowing him to develop a working method.

The tutor helps the child develop a routine and a working method to improve his autonomy with his homework and his lessons.

Finally, helping your child in the accomplishment of his homework and lessons is a step in the daily routine which allows both to review and to integrate the notions taught in class. Supervise the study period well and have an environment and an optimal context for homework and study are essential.

Nevertheless, it is necessary to be sensitive to the signs of avoidance of our child and to dwell on the reasons in order to find adapted solutions. Hiring a tutor can be a great way to provide your child with the guidance, tools and support they need. At Mon Tuteur, we offer an online homework help service to help you overcome the challenge of homework time.


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Santha Caron, Josianne (2023), taken from her Facebook page on Thursday, August 10, 2023

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