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ADHD in Teens - The Toolbox
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ADHD in Teens - The Toolbox

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    5 qualities of an exceptional tutor:

    ✔️ Empathetic (being able to put yourself in the student's shoes)
    ✔️Good adaptability (demonstrates flexibility and reacts proactively to changes)
    ✔️Ingenious (being able to explain in different ways)
    ✔️ Communicates effectively (ability to popularize and transmit the material well)
    ✔️Professional (demonstrates high competence, is reliable and respectful)

    Product Description Does your teenager have ADHD? Then this book is for you! What are the symptoms of ADHD in adolescents and its consequences during this period of life? What are the risks of medication for these young people in search of new experiences? Where do the difficulties encountered on a daily basis come from? These frequently asked questions will be answered in this friendly little guide, which covers in particular: * the involvement and role of the parent; * the development of a good relationship with his teenager; * communication in the family; * different ways to limit the time spent in front of screens; * ways to motivate your teenager; * strategies for managing emotions; * teamwork between parent and secondary school teachers. Punctuated with real-life cases, this stimulating book filled with judicious proven advice will certainly be a great help for parents… and teenagers! About the Author Ariane Hébert is a psychologist specializing in mental health assessment with adults and children. On a clinical level, she has training in cognitive-behavioral and humanistic therapy as well as certification in EMDR and post-traumatic stress. Mother of two children with ADHD, she founded "La Boîte à Spy" and practices in schools and private settings, in addition to being a lecturer and columnist for several years. Psychopedagogue, mother of hyperactive children, Christiane Sylvestre has collaborated in studies on ADHD, and trained teachers and speakers in schools. She contributed to the establishment of the Regroupement des Associations PANDA du Québec (support for people affected by ADHD).