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Dyslexia and Dysorthographia - The Toolkits
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Dyslexia and Dysorthographia - The Toolkits

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    5 qualities of an exceptional tutor:

    ✔️ Empathetic (being able to put yourself in the student's shoes)
    ✔️Good adaptability (demonstrates flexibility and reacts proactively to changes)
    ✔️Ingenious (being able to explain in different ways)
    ✔️ Communicates effectively (ability to popularize and transmit the material well)
    ✔️Professional (demonstrates high competence, is reliable and respectful)

    Product Description Does your child have difficulty reading or writing? Then this book is for you! How do I know if my child is dyslexic or dysorthographic? What will be the consequences of these learning disabilities on his academic results and on his future? How can I help him improve? These frequently asked questions will be answered in this friendly little guide, which will also allow you to:- make the difference between a reading or writing difficulty and a specific reading or writing learning disability;* detect manifestations of possible dyslexia or dysorthographia;* understanding these learning disabilities in order to better support your child;* adapting your life or that of a loved one following a diagnosis. Punctuated with exercises, activities and practical tables to consult at a glance, this book is filled with sound advice that has proven itself. It will certainly be a great help for parents… and children! About the Author Annie Tessier is a remedial teacher working with children with learning difficulties in schools. Priska Poirier is the author of the successful series "The Kingdom of Lénacie". Passionate about children's literature and convinced that reading is a guarantee of happiness and success, she travels the roads of Quebec and French-speaking Canada every year to introduce students to her passion.