Preparation for secondary school admission exams –
Preparation for secondary school admission exams
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Preparation for secondary school admission exams

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    5 qualities of an exceptional tutor:

    ✔️ Empathetic (being able to put yourself in the student's shoes)
    ✔️Good adaptability (demonstrates flexibility and reacts proactively to changes)
    ✔️Ingenious (being able to explain in different ways)
    ✔️ Communicates effectively (ability to popularize and transmit the material well)
    ✔️Professional (demonstrates high competence, is reliable and respectful)

    Preparation for the secondary school entrance exam:

    Preparing for this type of exam often generates stress.

    We therefore develop a personalized preparation plan according to the student's needs and we review the topics covered in the college that your child wishes to integrate. Revision offered for the following topics:

    • Mathematics

    • French

    • Logical skills

    Although exam versions vary from school to school, we have the tools to provide tailored preparation to maximize student performance.

    We proceed in four steps:

    • Diagnostic Evaluation

    • Personalized preparation according to the themes mentioned above

    • Tips for better managing your stress before the exam

    • Simulation of the exam and correction