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English services (to do)

The tutoring service offers several advantages that are complementary to traditional education.

As stipulated in the literature, the egalitarian relationship that is created between the tutor and the tutee is beneficial not only on the academic level but also on the socio-emotional level. The tutor is close to the students because he is just a few levels above the tutored students. They are not teachers but tutoring specialists and that is fine. The role of the tutor is more to guide the student, to offer him possible solutions without necessarily giving him the answers to the problems posed.


Help with homework :

Provide support and assistance to enable students to persevere and succeed academically. The help offered makes it possible to support students who may or may not have difficulties with their homework and lessons. Homework help is offered in all subjects (French, English, mathematics, physics, chemistry, history, etc.). The service can be offered on a regular basis or on a more ad hoc basis. Our pedagogical advisor will take the time to assess the student's needs with you and to make the best academic match as well as in terms of his personality and professional aspirations.


Offer personalized and flexible content-driven support. Tutoring is offered to students who have learning difficulties and needs that persist over time. The sessions make it possible to offer help and support on a recurring basis to carry out school work and review concepts that have not been understood. What we suggest is a greater frequency of weekly meetings at the start of remedial work to then offer a consolidation service. Our pedagogical advisor will take the time to assess the student's needs with you, to make the best pairing possible and to suggest the recommended frequency.

Enrichment : Allows you to broaden the subject taught, improve academic results and expand the number of subjects in the program related to the subject studied. This is a service that is very interesting for students who wish to be admitted to quota programs in high school or CEGEP.

Preparation for exams : Helps students better prepare for an exam. A revision plan is drawn up according to the specific needs of the student and the more complex notions to be assimilated are reviewed with the tutor.

organization of time : Tailor-made tutor offers a service to work on efficient time management and student organization. This service is offered by one of our specialized educators. In 2 or 3 meetings, depending on the need, the student is equipped to organize himself. The service is offered both for the youngest who need small strategies to do their homework and for high school students who sometimes have to deal with studies, their hobbies, their social and family life as well as their work. We have a concrete plan to offer you and tools that are easy to integrate into your daily life.


Service offered between July and September. We offer the possibility of maximizing the chances of passing the admission exam to the school of your choice. We prepare it according to the materials.


Our services are offered online, virtually: This is a technological means that offers results that are just as optimal as in person. It also makes it possible to be efficient since students are often more motivated to accomplish a task on their device than on a more traditional medium. It is a state-of-the-art medium that is flexible and environmentally friendly.

Interactive platforms are used to allow the tutor and the student to interact live and work on the subjects. It is therefore very easy for the tutor to illustrate concepts or make various equations.

· A computer or tablet with headphones and microphone are essential for the progress of the sessions.

· A high-speed connection is required.

· The advantage of this service is that it is accessible wherever you are.

The tutor leaves notes at the end of the meeting on the progress of the session and the important points to remember.

The student evaluates the tutor at the end of each meeting!

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