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About us

Founded by a young entrepreneur, mother of two, criminologist by trade, graduate level in administration, I am passionate about the field of education, about fostering relationships as well as the well being of our future society.

Having worked for several years with children and teenagers, I chose to launch myself into this family business with the goal of making a difference for Quebec families.

Assignment :

My Tutor wishes to help Quebec students better perform academically. It is well known that succeeding academically increases self-confidence, the feeling of accomplishment which in turn leads to academic success.

Vision :

We will make our matches based on a needs specific, student-centric customized approach. My Tutor is a specialist in educational support and we are the only ones that offer matching services based on student tutor affinities. Our goal is to help students achieve and surpass their own learning objectives. Not only do we want to offer a tutor with superior academic results but also a mentor to the student. The tutor will know how to be inspiring for the student and will allow him to not only succeed but surpass himself.


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Tutoring services offer several complementary advantages to traditional education. As stated in the literature, the one-on-one relationship that is created between the tutor and tutored in beneficial not only academically but socially and emotionally. The tutor is close to the student because he is but a few levels above the tutored student. They are not teachers but tutoring specialists and that is simply great as is. The tutor's role is more to guide the student, offer solutions without necessarily providing the answers to the problems at hand.

Specialized education technicians, University and Cegep students.

· Rigorously selected

· Highly qualified

Background checked

Experience with young people

Training to provide service excellence